Welcome to my personal webpage

I am currently working on updating this page to replace the spread out web of pages I have maintained previously. While the page is quite empty currently, it should grow in the near future. No, it won't really ever grow.

My current job is with Aarhus University, where I work developing systems integration in the field of identity management.

Areas of interest include identity management, messaging and calendaring, along with working on our IT department's workflows and the way we provide service to our users. I have also been involved in providing help to a number of research projects, mainly in setting up clustering software and interfacing to custom electronics components.


My blog

I have a blog which is updated at irregular intervals. I write about whatever I happen to care about at the time, thus leading to a very wide range of subjects, such as creating Android apps, cooking delicious food, and the applications I manage at work.



If you have IPv6, you can email mihtjel@mihtjel.dk. Otherwise, you will have to use some other means of contact, such as my work email.